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Bluetooth speaker with radio dab +

Bluetooth speaker with radio dab +

March 11, 2019

If you belong to the kind of people who don't want to miss out on listening to the radio whenever and wherever they want, then you should know that there is a revolution happening now in terms of radio broadcast. This revolution is called DAB+.

At the end of 2018, more than four million DAB+ devices had been sold in Switzerland.

With DAB+ you can listen to the radio with the same sound quality of a CD. You have many more stations to choose and you have also tematic stations running 24h without advertisment.

Dab+ Radio feature most of the time the Bluetooth technology in order to let you stream your music from your smatrphone to the speaker.

The price for a Radio Dab+ with bluetooth can vary from CHF 100 to up to CHF 1000.

Discover here what’s important to pay attention to when you buy thi type of product. What’s important to consider when buying a DAB+ radio?

There is a large selection of different products at different price everywhere.

Although the price always plays a big role in a purchase, you should consider 4 factors to get the highest satisfaction from your Dab+ radio.

Quality of the materials.

The Sound performance.

The Reception.

The featuring of Bluetooth The option to replace the battery.

Geneva products deliver high quality finishing, a surprising sound and a Dab+ and FM reception with no compromise. they all feature Bluetooth and have a long lasting rechargeable battery that is replaceable. Y

ou can buy these products off line, please consult our list of stores to find the closest store to you and on line, in our webshop as well as in other on line stores.

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