Geneva Lab Cinema+ - The ultimate gift for the whole family

Geneva Lab Cinema+ - The ultimate gift for the whole family

November 26, 2019

In the digital era, defined by smartphones and social networks, people have been interacting less and less in their lives; they would rather have a chat on WhatsApp then a real life conversation. You make friends by meeting on a website and even videogame challenges are only played online, while they used be an opportunity to get together. This way, we are getting used to avoiding physical contact, shutting ourselves away and isolating more and more.

It may come as a paradox, but television could actually contain these trends among other digital tools, or at least it could serve as an opportunity to meet up.

Especially at night, before or after dinner, everyone sits down in the living room in front of the TV, commenting on sport events or night shows, rediscovering the joys of being together, that unique warmth which is both physical and spiritual.

However television is getting more and more overlooked, replaced by individual devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs, it is still the best way to enjoy big events on a bigger screen, in higher definition, with a more competitive price.

Even as regards sound, which has always been a weak spot, today we are presented with simple, effective solutions.

One of the most brilliant ones is the last Geneva Lab’s idea: the innovative Cinema+, a flat speaker with an integrated subwoofer, on top of which you can put your television set.

It can be fixed on the wall, on the floor or on a piece of furniture with an optional stand. No ugly cables in view, the sound is clear and powerful and you can use your TV’s remote to control it. Furthermore, it is provided with Bluetooth technology, in case you want to use it as a home system as well.

This speaker is one of a kind, strongly recommended to anyone willing to relive the big TV events with excitement and quality, maybe with friends and family.

For further specific details, you can refer to the product sheet.

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